Glastonbury mermaid

as seen on Google Earth




the Glastonbury mermaid angel - with her tail/feet in the river Brue,
her heart is the ruined Abbey

in her right hand she holds a trumpet or maybe a telescope in the direction of Wells

in her left hand she holds the Tor

her eye is the Neolithic mound on Windmill Hill and her hair is the water running down from the springs into the Brue
and you either see her or you don't

    but here she is .........


well , who is she and where she came from ?



African Mermaid
Photo: © AMNH

African Mermaid
Photo: © AMNH





Lasirén Vodou sequined flags
The name Lasirén comes from the French word sirčne, meaning “siren” or “mermaid.”
© AMNH / Denis Finnin








maybe ?



and starlings because I like them and although this is not filmed on the Levels - it is on film


Starlings' spectacular show

A flight of 20,000 starlings has been performing a spectacular aerial display at a Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire.